Friction = destruction and destruction = breakage and breakage = sadface. The Indian culture is more than 11,000 12 months old and with such a rich and experienced culture, without doubt we've natural solutions to almost all health problem. Not just solutions to problems but we have always been a step in advance with natural solutions to make us appear and feel better. Ayurveda not only has solution to make hair fall stop but also has solutions to increase hair regrowth and overall quality of mane.
It's also advisable to follow up your first shampoo with a deep-conditioning treatment, such as Paul Mitchell's The Masque (designed for just over $20.00). This masque is packed with vitamin E and made specifically for chemically-treated hair. Be sure you focus the conditioning treatment on the ends of the wild hair and leave on for at least 10-15 minutes.
Invest the anything from this, be sure you dry nice hair completely when putting on a weave after purifying it. Once you wash nice hair and your braids get damp underneath, if you don't let your head of hair dry completely, your hair will smell like mildew. Sitting under a dryer and enabling nice hair completely dried will combat that horrid smell (and potentially mold).
Have you considered putting together all these subject areas into a publication? (Just stating). I am starting my mane journey now i trimmed off a great deal of my calm ends. Previous time I calm my head of hair was July 2014 therefore i am transitioning to natural for a while till i get health & period in the scalp. I guess personally i think that the natural wild hair would be easier to maintain as its more robust than the laid back hair. What do you consider? I want to also ask what relaxers you'll recommend for comforting wild hair whenever i opt to. Hopefully that's never!!!taking care of relaxed hair
If I'm being totally honest, having relaxed head of hair wasn't that terrible: I didn't get burns, my head of hair didn't fallout, and it wasn't difficult to cope with. My stylist explained that because of my looser curl structure, I only possessed going to the salon once every half a year for an impression up, in comparison to friends who proceeded to go every couple of weeks. To this day, I think her expert advice is what kept my mane from serious destruction - any longer chemical type treatments and it could have been another story.
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